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Guide An Easy Way to Interlink your Pages and Increase Rankings


New member
I've always struggled to efficiently interlink pages, even with LinkWhisper. And I found this method online, so it's not mine but I found it very neat and effective. How do you use GSC to build internal links?


Go to GSC > Click on "Search Results" > In the window click Total Clicks + Total Impressions + Average CTR + Average Position > Then in the options a few inches lower, click Queries > Go lower down and click 500 Rows per Page. That will give you the most-searched-for keywords leading people to your website. You can click on the column headings to prioritize the info you want. For example, you can prioritize your list to show which keywords are getting the most impressions. Or the most clicks. Etc., etc. For example, I sometimes go to the "Position" column and look for keyword phrases that are just outside of the top three search results for that phrase. Some good internal links to the main page featuring that KW phrase can sometimes bump that page up into the all-important top three results.

Now (just for the sake of example) let's say your list contains a keyword phrase like BBQ ribeyes and you want to drive more traffic to your main How to BBQ Ribeyes page. Open a separate window and do a site search, like this: BBQ ribeyes. That will list every page on your website that contains the keywords BBQ and ribeyes. Go to some of those pages and, using BBQ and ribeyes in your anchor text, create some internal links from those pages to your main page on BBQing ribeyes. Google has publicly declared that internal links are good and are helpful.

Hope it helps