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Guide Dating CPA


New member
I want to share you 1 method with you that is still working and you can earn a couple of $$ per day, not much but for beginners I think it's nice way to get into IM.

1. Apply for DOI Dating Smartlink
2. Create a simple landing page with only redirect button, sexy(but not nude) backround and good headline text
3. Create Facebook accounts (Churn&Burn)
4. Add Profile Picture, Cover Photo and 1 photo to timeline
5. Create a post where it says smth like " FB doesn't allow sexy photos so I have created an account only for sex, you can see it in my Bio".
6. In the bio write " If you want my sexy account add me on the link below"
7. In the contact info put your landing page.
8. Find Tier2,Tier3 Facebook Groups
9. Just post a picture of a girl in the group and write "Want to meet someone who can fullfill girls dream..." and stuff like that
10. BOOM Profit!

This method will not create you RICH cause it is an old method, but I have earned around 300-400$ in the past 2 months, So for newbie I think it's good start. GOOD LUCK!