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How to Create a Content Locker on OGAds


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What is a Content Locker​

A content locker is a wall or a pop-up that separates a user from premium content that they would like to access. In order to access the premium content, the user has to complete offers from the content locker.

Premium content can consist of eBooks, Games, Premium Apps, In-Game Currency, Giveaway, and anything else that can be considered premium.

This is what a Content Locker from OGAds looks like.


OGAds Content Locker
Now behind this content Locker is an eBook about Keto Diet.

So this is an example of locking premium content using a content locker. Once users complete these offers, then they will gain access to the premium content which in this case is an eBook.

Setting up Your Content Locker​

Now if you already have an OGAds account then you are ready to go. If you don’t have an account as yet, then go ahead and Sign Up.

After signing in or signing up to OGAds, you will now be on your dashboard.

So, you want to go to Tools…

Create OGAds Content Locker

Setting up OGAds Content locker
Then you want to click on Content Lockers, so you can get to the page to create your locker.


Go to Content Lockers
You will then be brought to the Content Lockers page, now you want to click on Create a Content Locker.

How to Create a OGAds Content Locker

Select Create a Content Locker
Now that you click on create a content locker, you will be greeted with the User Interface that will be used to design your content locker.

Content Locker Designer Interface on OGAds

Content Locker Designer Interface
On the left side, you can see a preview of what your content locker will look like as you are designing it.

While on the right side, is where you are able to design and optimize your locker.

Basic Content Locker Settings​


Details for your Content Locker
This is the basic side of designing your content locker, where you will enter the name of your specific content locker, as this allows you to identify how that content locker is performing.

For the personal notes, you can choose if you want to enter something here or you can leave it empty.

Leave the load method to On Load as you will not be using the Javascript function to set up this content locker.

Your load delay can also be left on 0

After Locker is Unlocked

Premium Content the User can Access after Completing your Content Locker
For Unlock Action, this is where you want to send the users after they complete your content locker.

Once you are finished editing the Basics of your content locker