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OpenSea – How to Sell?


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If you’re here to sell on OpenSea, we can assume you already have a registered account. If not, you should know that only registered users with configured wallets can sell NFTs. If you want to flip an NFT you purchased or sell the one you created, doing so on OpenSea is relatively straightforward:

  1. Navigate to and log into your account.
  2. Click on your profile picture in the top-right.
  3. Go to Profile.
  4. Pick the NFT you wish to sell from your wallet.
  5. Select Sell to get redirected to the listing page.
  6. Choose the type and price of the sale. You can set a fixed price or an auction. With the auction, enter the start price, expiration time, and price threshold. As for the duration, a sale can last for one day, three days, or a week.
  7. Once you have everything sorted out, click Complete Listing.
  8. For the first listing, you have to initialize your wallet. That means you have to complete two one-time transactions. The first one is to initialize your account for selling, and the other is to grant item access to OpenSea when a sale takes place.
  9. After paying the fees, confirm the details and post the item on the marketplace.
Use the Activity tab on the left-hand side to view the NFTs you put up for sale.

OpenSea – Cost to Sell​

As previously mentioned, OpenSea requires all first-time sellers to pay two fees before making the first sale. Note that the price for these two fees isn’t fixed, and if you know what you’re doing, you can lower them as much as possible. But how?

First, the fees are paid in Ether. This means the price depends on the crypto’s value compared to a dollar or whatever your local currency is.

Much like minting, the two fees are transactions on Ethereum’s blockchain. Because of this, they take processing power to complete. To compensate for the energy required to process these transactions, you have to pay a gas fee.

At the time of writing, the first transaction can cost anywhere from $70 to $300. The second transaction is usually $10 to $30.

This price range is due to the gas fees. There are days when the fees are higher, and then there are the slow days when the fees are lower.

You can track the prices on Ideally, you want to hunt for days when numbers are below 100. This is when you want to initialize the account to save the most money.

Apart from the one-time upfront fees, OpenSea takes 2.5% of your sales. You only pay this tax after the item is sold.