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    Soul Bound Tokens (SBT)

    Soul Bound Tokens are a thing in our near future, announced by the creator of Ethereum (Ether/ETH). SBT will be non-tradable tokens similar to NFT's, accounted for on a blockchain.
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    Hello, and Welcome

    Hello everyone, this is a project I've been wanting to do for a long time, and it is finally just about ready to launch. I hope to have you join me on this journey and will look forward to seeing you around the board. Welcome, everyone! Enjoy!
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    Trophies / Awards System

    MonetizeMB awards are granted by xenForo's trophies system. To view a list of all trophies available to be granted, click here:
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    By Registering an Account, You Agree to the Following

    By Registering an Account, You Agree to the Following: You accept to abide by our TOS (terms of service) found here: You accept agreement and consent to our Privacy Policy found here: You accept to abide the forum...
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    Rules: Posting Rules & Etiquette

    General Rules: 1. No low-quality spam posts, however, very short posts are accepted. 2. No antagonizing behavior, harassing, or threatening another member. 3. No posting or sharing personal information about another member. (Example: Full name, general location) 4. No threads or posts...
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    Rules: Accounts

    1. Ony one account per user, 2. No ban evading. 3. No buying, selling, trading, or giving away any accounts. 4. No sharing accounts, period. 5. Payments for an account upgrade that are charged back will result in a permanent ban. 6. Custom account fields must not include "special" characters...
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    Node perm

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    MonetizeMB Chat

    This thread will be used as a chat index.