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  1. Hyunae

    Guide Beginner $100+ per Day Passively Through YouTube

    THE METHOD: Did you know that you can publish music from the top current music artists without getting copyright flagged? Not only that, but you can receive an almost-instant influx of free traffic after doing so. It's a lot more simple than you may think. Step 1: Type in any artist name in...
  2. Hyunae

    Guide Unlimited funny content

    So I was bored today and I decided to browse the public OpenAI examples. It's a fantastic service that can be monetized in a lot of ways but most people just use it to generate sales copies, product titles, articles, etc. It's a great business model because you can slap together a SaaS with...
  3. Hyunae

    Guide Little Passive Income w/Quora

    Anyways, after a few months, I found another offer which was paying me $10/lead (it was a credit card submitted Free trial). And I jumped on the bandwagon and started promoting it. I did the method outlined below for about 3-4 days and it still works like charm (if you know what you are doing)...
  4. Hyunae

    Guide Adult Cpa + Reddit + Live cams

    Today I'm showing how to get free traffic on your adult cpa links. The idea is getting free traffic from Google results and then reddit. It happens when model's stalkers search their name on Google and found a subreddit with their name(your subreddit) . 1. Find a popular model in chaturbate or...
  5. Hyunae

    Guide How to turn One Article in 10x Articles | WhiteHat Stratgey

    “Brand Swapping” - a small content strategy that’s getting HUGE results. Brand Swapping is as simple as it sounds. You take a keyword phrase like “Yamaha dirt bike won’t start” and you write the absolute best piece of content out there for that keyword. (use YouTube for nearly all your...
  6. Hyunae

    Guide How to Make MONEY $$$ with Quora + Some Effort

    This is a full-blown Guide about Gaining exposure and Making money from Quora. step: 1- Open Quora ads manager Click on "Create Campaign" Chose your Objective as "Traffic" and Proceed. Then select "Question Targeting" as your Primary Targeting. Don't add anything into "Location Targeting"...
  7. Hyunae


    Today i want to tell you some of the sites i used to help me publish videos on youtube. Let's start... ▶️EDIT YOUR VIDEO ON WINDOWS: (If you need a free software to edit video, this will make the job) ▶️SEARCH RELATED KEYWORD: (Very useful...
  8. Hyunae

    Guide Finding a Profitable Niche + Keyword Research

    NICHE SELECTION: Pick a niche that isn't YMYL - Completely avoid anything to do with either finances or health and well-being, specifically medication and/or anything to do with anatomy. Not only do most of us have less knowledge on those topics, but you are also by no means an authority in the...
  9. Hyunae

    Guide How To Find Money Emails that Convert & Build 200-300 Emails Database

    I was reviewing one of my posts and found many are facing problems developing content for emails. Let me show you a simple & easy method to discover high-converting emails. Ultimate Guide To Finding Emails That Make Money 1) get ad spying tools like advertsuite or any you already have. 2)...
  10. Hyunae

    [GET] Ultimate Collection of Copyright Free Images & Videos

    Stock photos (use searchfilter + creative commons license)
  11. Hyunae

    Guide An Easy Way to Interlink your Pages and Increase Rankings

    I've always struggled to efficiently interlink pages, even with LinkWhisper. And I found this method online, so it's not mine but I found it very neat and effective. How do you use GSC to build internal links? Method: Go to GSC > Click on "Search Results" > In the window click Total Clicks +...
  12. Hyunae

    Guide [Tip] Google SERP for any country (+City) without VPN or Proxy

    Time for another tip that some of you would be familiar with, but some would have not heard about it. So, generally, when you search in google, it picks up your IP/location. Let's say you want to get the search results in Italy, more specifically - Rome (and you're certainly not located there)...
  13. Hyunae

    Guide [Method] Keyword Research for FREE in 2022

    Tools we are going to use: Ahrefs Free Keyword Generator : Keyword Engineer - MozBar from Moz (This is a google chrome extension we are going to use to check DA of the websites): search for it on google All these tools are free We...
  14. Hyunae

    Guide Backlinks I Build to Every New Page

    I get it. You have a massive white hat website. Thousands of pages. And you want to do some SEO to your site. Low comp and long tail terms normally do not justify a link building campaign. I have been in that boat, and still am. Even if you can't start a link building campaign to every new...
  15. Hyunae

    Guide Get DA 70 Do-Follow Backlink From Google Subdomain

    I was recently playing around with Jupyter Notebook for one of my projects in college and found Google Colab. Here's how you can use it to get a DA 70 contextual backlink from Google's subdomain. First, go to If you're signed in to a Google account, you'll see...
  16. Hyunae

    Guide High Da 91 D0Follow Backlink

    By Creating Account You Can Get High DA Profile Links 1. (DA 91) 2. (DA 62) 3. (DA 59) 4. (DA 64)* note *European Union
  17. Hyunae

    Guide DR 64 Do-follow High Quality Contextual Link Better Than PBN Link

    I found a DA 52, DR 64 contextual do-follow link opportunity, Probably most of you don't know about this site. 1. Just visit 2. Click on Sign-in. (see the img) 3. Select any option which suitable for you.(see the img) 4. After Sign-in click on Pencil Button. (see...
  18. Hyunae

    Guide Increase Traffic & Make More Money with Google Trends Tricks

    Simply Go to Google trend and type "review" and you will get a product which has been trending:- Here is in Now, just write reviews on this product and you will get sales. If you are a blogger and write tutorial then search "how to" Write or create a video on this topic and get traffic...
  19. Hyunae

    Guide Here is my complete SEO checklist that I use to rank new websites

    My SEO Basics: Set up GSC and Bing Webmaster Tools Set up Google Analytics (GA) Install and configure an SEO plugin (Wordpress) Generate and submit a sitemap to GSC and Bing Create a Robots.txt Check Webmaster Tools for any manual actions Make sure the site is indexed Keyword Research...
  20. Hyunae

    Guide Contextual links on Experiment . com

    Experiment .com is currently DR73, TF47 and DA63 for those of you interested in third party metrics. 1) Visit the register page and click sign up with email, then fill in the form and the recaptcha that comes after it. What's good here is that you can currently put any random email address...