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Guide Backlinks


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A backlink is a link placed within an area of another website as a hyperlink to your website. The purpose of this is to simulate a "buzz" inside of the search engines about your website. For your website, you want a diverse link portfolio. That means that your website should have links from multiple sources.

Backlinks should also be tiered. What that means is:

A 1st tier backlink (tier 1) points directly to your website with a hyperlink and should be from a high metrics domain. (Facebook/Twitter/Other Web 2.0s/Strong Guest Blog with high metric).

A 2nd tier backlink (tier 2) points to your tier 1 backlink.

An example of a backlink is:


This is a straight link to a Youtube video placed on a Tumblr blog. Be sure to use anchor text when placing backlinks to your money site. Make sure to use multiple types of anchor text as well.

What is anchor text? Anchor text is the highlighted text inside of a hyperlink. See below.


This is a blog comment backlink and "Wholesale food packaging" is the anchor text.

Below I will list the types of backlinks and software to help you create them.

Types of backlinks
Web 2.0.
Blog comments.
Social bookmarks.
Contextual backlinks.
Editorial backlinks.
Guest posts.
Guest post bio links.
Webinar backlinks.
Forum profile links

Web 2.0 Link sources:

Another/Original source:

Social Bookmarks link sources: