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Guide Best Passive income with Surveys


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This is gonna be one of my favorite guides for you all!

In this guide I will be telling you how you can make a small passive income by doing Small Surveys, Tasks, Uploading daily receipts, and etc.

Let's start off with an app called Steady

No lie if you are 18+ you can make over $250 with in a month with this app.

They have offers for you to complete like simply opening up a bank account and get $20. Please do note none of these payments are instant they will take weeks to get however with steady they tend to be pretty fast 3-5 days for me. Steady also offers instant cash after being loyal to them for a while you must meet criteria

Second app is called CoinOut

I made $50 in less than a week with this app this is also like steady, but it offers you tasks to do for money, and you can also upload your receipts and get money to

this is also a really good app I would suggest for a small passive income from uploading receipts and doing small tasks

Third app is called Iboota

I can vouch for this company to on some holidays they give you free meals

This app also allows you to do tasks and upload receipts for cash! You can also get cashback allot with this app

When they do free meals on some holidays you go buy the food upload the receipt and then after a few days they will give you a full refund for the amount you spent

This is a really really good one to use!

Closing statement

If you use all 3 of these and really put time and effort into them, you can make a pretty penny with these apps it's a nice side hustle if you are looking to make a few bucks on the side

But always remember the sky is not the limit the more effort the more you can make it all depends on you!

Good luck in your endeavors!
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