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Do you use Two Factor Authentication?


New member
Two Factor Authentication is very helpful when it comes to stopping hackers from taking over your account as long as they have stolen your cookies session.

Since I started using 2FA, all my accounts have never been compromised.

Do you make use of Two Factor Authentication?
If Two Factor Authentication is available and I can turn it on for my accounts, it is one of the first things I do. You can never be too careful nowadays with any accounts and think that your account will be safe because a site may be small.

Before 2FA became a thing, I used to always receive emails about accounts being compromised, since using 2FA, its rare I get any emails about that now.
Be wise, use it wherever you can. It is not fool proof, but can save you from a lot of troubles.

Also, take backup codes and keep it safely. Or risk being locked out of your account.
I have been using two-factor authentication for all my social media handles for a long time now. It saved me last year when some hackers nearly hacked one of my accounts and since then, I haven't been hacked or even gotten my accounts compromised.
Nice move!

I have seen celebrities lose their accounts easily. The funny thing is, it would be some agent who will handling their accounts in real.
Sometimes, it's not agents handling their accounts. I always think that it's those hackers who are on the verge of getting information from those celebrities are the ones doing that.
I have heard of celebrities losing access to their social media accounts or storage accounts. The first step to the success of any business is proper and secure authentication. 2FA has proven its might in the last few years.
2FA is good and it will continue to be good. Some people used to forget their passwords and lucky enough, if they have 2FA, it will be so easy to get back their account.