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Guide Finding a Profitable Niche + Keyword Research


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  • Pick a niche that isn't YMYL - Completely avoid anything to do with either finances or health and well-being, specifically medication and/or anything to do with anatomy. Not only do most of us have less knowledge on those topics, but you are also by no means an authority in the space and will need years of constant research and article generation to even begin appearing as one.
  • Pick a niche that you have some knowledge of - you don't need to be an SME, nor do you need to have your Ph.D. in the topic. But choose one that you are both comfortable with and comfortable writing on.
  • Have some passion about - honestly, when you're tasked with writing hundreds of articles on something, being somewhat passionate about the subject helps.
  • Decide on the intent of the site - do you want to make money from ads or from affiliates? Maybe a hybrid of the two? Whatever it is, you should decide on the intent of the site to help you choose a niche. While most niches can fall into a hybrid approach, i.e. best backpack to carry to school and how are backpacks made, some niches are better served by only one category.
  • Pick a niche that is long-lasting - writing about Covid may be a great idea in 2020, but will it last through 2025? I'm not sure. For any niche you choose, always look to ensure that it will be one that will last through the years and one that will always have searches for.
  • Pick a niche that has an audience - I would love to write about how much I love your girlfriend 😏, but few people would care for that content. Rather, choose a niche that has an audience and ideally one that is growing in size.

  • In Ahrefs, search for a broad term and filter down the results. Backpacks->View All Questions->Volume of 0-0
  • In Ahrefs, search for a broad term and filter down the results. Backpacks->View All Questions->Word Count minimum of 5
  • In Ahrefs, search for a broad term and filter down the results. Backpacks->View All Questions->Include->Any Word->Best, How, Where, Buy, Who, What, When.
  • In daily life, think about how you use a backpack and what issues you encounter. One quick thought, what is the best backpack to wear on the Marta? The Marta is the Atlanta subway system. Honestly, it's a ridiculous question that doesn't really differentiate from wearing one on the NYC subway, but it's not on me to judge. I just write the article. You can then write an article about the best backpack to wear on the Chicago subway, the DC metro, or on the Atlanta Marta Bus system. And while you may not get a ton of views from the articles, you can nearly guarantee a top spot in the SERPS and will begin to establish your authority in the space.

Now let's take a look at backpacks, here are ten keywords I would start with:
  • what stores carry Osprey backpacks (affiliate potential)
  • where to donate used backpacks in Austin (informational content)
  • how long do backpacks take to dry (informational content that can be interlinked to)
  • where to buy kindergarten backpacks (affiliate potential and can be interlinked with the Osprey article)
  • when will Target backpacks go on sale (informational and affiliate potential)
  • how to properly store backpacks for prolonged periods (informational content)
  • why do the insides of backpacks get dirty (informational content)
  • how to transport backpacks kayak (informational content)
  • how to use patches on backpacks (informational content)
  • what backpacks are allowed in Disneyland (informational content)

However, once you've identified some keywords, make sure you Google the keyword. If you notice the top spots answer the question and are from high authority sites, then remove the keyword from your list. At this stage, it simply isn't worth the trouble attempting to compete with the bigger players. Similarly, when you have identified a keyword, be sure to niche it even further. For example, the article on, "where to buy kindergarten backpacks" should be searched in Ahrefs as kindergarten backpacks to give you these additional keywords:
  • cute personalized backpacks for kindergarten
  • clear backpacks for kindergarten
  • durable backpacks for kindergarten
  • cute girl kindergarten backpacks
  • kindergarten backpacks with little pictures on them
All these keywords should be written and interlinked amongst one another.