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Guide How To Find Money Emails that Convert & Build 200-300 Emails Database


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I was reviewing one of my posts and found many are facing problems developing content for emails.

Let me show you a simple & easy method to discover high-converting emails.

Ultimate Guide To Finding Emails That Make Money

1) get ad spying tools like advertsuite or any you already have.

2) Now imagine I want to spy what my competitor who is promoting affiliate courses. Now they will a promoting a free book on the front end, it's very rare that people will directly buy a $999. High ticket offers are often pushed in the backend when the audience I hot or warm.

3) Open ad spying software and search for "affiliate ebook", depending on the software it will bring ads from Facebook, insta and more.


4) And I got 2 ads matching my niche, see


5) Now open the links and signup
note: create a new Gmail id to store all emails, whenever you find something related to your niche enter this email, and soon you have a big bank of email copies.

6) When you signup they will start sending you emails every day, now you need to use the same emails with a bit of editing.

7) keep on doing this until to find emails that are converting (always include the tracking id in your affiliate link)

It works me

see my collection, I've subscribed to many weight loss, and keto offers using the same method & now I've tons of databases to create emails.


Hope this helps many
Share it with everyone..