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Guide Little Passive Income w/Quora


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Anyways, after a few months, I found another offer which was paying me $10/lead (it was a credit card submitted Free trial). And I jumped on the bandwagon and started promoting it. I did the method outlined below for about 3-4 days and it still works like charm (if you know what you are doing).

  1. Use this method to find out all the questions that actually get views on Quora (which is related to your offer)
  2. Once you have found the questions, just do a Google search for the question
  3. Look in the articles ranking in the SERPs and just copy the complete article
  4. Paste it in the Quora answer section and delete any links in it (that the original writer has added)
  5. Publish the answer + add your affiliate link in the Footnotes
Now, I only invested maybe 20 hours in the whole process, and here are the results:

Payment Proof:


Total = $90 ($70 paid + $20 unpaid)

Quora Traffic


These are the stats for individual questions:


Some pointers:
  • I went for a very niche and specific offer, and there were not many questions related to it.
  • To make this a bit whitehat, just paraphrase the articles before copy-pasting.
  • Wait for a few days before adding the affiliate link, as it reduces the answer deletion rate
Now, you might see that it was only $90. But if you could scale this up with let's say a few dozen accounts, utilize some GPT-3 AI tools like Jasper to create unique answers and content + adding images/videos, you could make this long-term as well.