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Guide Unlimited funny content


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So I was bored today and I decided to browse the public OpenAI examples. It's a fantastic service that can be monetized in a lot of ways but most people just use it to generate sales copies, product titles, articles, etc. It's a great business model because you can slap together a SaaS with really fast but also the competition is huge.

I decided to fuck around with it and give it weird tasks like "Generate an idea for an absurd product that has no purpose"
At first, it gave me weird results that are neither funny nor usable in any way but I kept going, and here are some that made me laugh for hours:

1. A remote control that only changes the channel on the TV when it is turned off.
2. A life-sized replica of the Eiffel Tower made entirely out of used chewing gum.
3. A "baby on board" sign for your car that has a picture of a grown man
4. A can of "fresh air" from Los Angeles
5. A set of car keys that only unlock and start the car when the owner is drunk.
6. A snow globe that is filled with used tampons
7. A "scented" candle that smells like manure
7. A "magic" 8 ball that always responds with dad jokes.
and so on...

So what do you do with this kind of content?

1. Create a quick TikTok profile and use text-to-speech software. Then slap the voiceover over some footage of someone playing GTA 5 or Minecraft (you see this all the time on popular joke accounts)
2. Do the same with Youtube Shorts.
3. Create a Twitter account and just copy-paste these
4. For Instagram I can see people are taking screenshots of their tweets and using them as content. Seems to work very well. If you don't want to create a Twitter account just google "fake tweet generator".
5. Create a subreddit named something like "Fantastic Product Ideas" (hehe). Other people will start posting there too (and you have a chance of PewDiePIe reviewing it at some point, lol)

It took me 1 hour to generate 30+ lines of content like the above while having a lot of laughs. Be sure to disable "Sensitive content filter" or whatever it's called in OpenAI. Also, it will spit out some dark ones every now and then.

I'm not sure how you'd monetize this, probably amazon affiliate links, sell shout-outs or sell merch with quotes that OpenAI can generate as well.

I forgot to mention that I haven't seen anyone doing this, so the one person that acts right now will probably dominate this "niche"