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Use of AI


Staff member
How much can AI influence revenue generation? Where do you see it in action?
I would say the use of AI can influence revenue generation in some ways but it's not something I believe people should rely on to generate revenue.

I myself have been using AI to help with generating revenue, it has given me a base and even ideas to help me create work that has in turn, generated revenue.
A few of my friends were using it to find the right keywords for their projects. I know some SMM people who reasearch tags through. Saves a lot of time and speeds up the process.
Some people are using AI to influence revenue generation in some ways such as writing. I don't use AI to generate revenue because I feel like I can do it by myself and I love being creative with my hands.
I never tried AI for content creation. Unless we struggle, there is no success with words. That's how it works.
You are a content creator? I can only use AI when I lack words to put together but I don't use it quite often. I believe that I can be better if I didn't make use of AI. AI is just a helping tool not a manager to me.
Yes, I am. I am good with all forms of content. I specialise in copywriting but am decent with most forms of text-related content. I need those skills to add content to my websites, promote them on social media etc. I have been doing this for around two decades now.

AI is comfortable for many people but it kills the rhythm and makes authors less productive down the lane.
AI is good but there are certain things that we don't need it to do for us. You have a good skill. I also have some friends who are copywriters.

You have been doing it for over two decades now, that's massive. Do you lack words always or you always have something upstairs that you use for your content?
I am natural, that is what my friends say. I normally get away with challenging tasks. Copywriting or any creative writing is like an artist painting a scene. There are many factors that can make or break a scene.