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Which antivirus software are you using?

I have never heard about TotalAv antivirus except for now that you mentioned it. What was the reason why you decided to switch to using Surfshark?
There's Surfshark VPN right? Have you also used their VPN services? How good is it when compared to other VPNs that you have used?
All of them do it. The only difference is that some of them overdo it because they are too greedy when it comes to making money by selling their user's data.
These big tech companies are making billions of dollars from selling their users data and that is the reason why they will never stop doing it even when they are being punished for doing so.
Years ago, I used to always ensure that I installed Avast as my anti-virus but when my desktop PC started giving me issues, I chose to stop installing another anti-virus and instead started using the anti-virus and other security options that Windows 10 had available.

I have never had any issues using what Windows has built-in for security so now I just use the anti-virus that Windows provides.
I have been making use of AVAST for a longer time now. I haven't been phished on my smartphone or laptop because AVAST always scan any documents, applications that enters my phone. I am really impressed with their services.