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Rules: Posting Rules & Etiquette


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General Rules:

1. No low-quality spam posts, however, very short posts are accepted.
2. No antagonizing behavior, harassing, or threatening another member.
3. No posting or sharing personal information about another member. (Example: Full name, general location)
4. No threads or posts requesting donations of any kind.
5. No threads or posts requesting loans or asking for investors.
6. All Marketplace related threads and posts must be created in the Marketplace. Sales threads found posted in a section outside of Marketplace will result in a warning, you will be banned if repeated offences occur.
7. No advertising IRC/instant messaging channels, this is an instant 24hour ban. (You can only advertise your IRC/IM platform username IF you have it added to your MonetizeMB
8. No direct links to infected downloads in threads, posts, or profiles.
9. No posting fake or unworking programs, apps, or websites.
10. No Blackhat activity of any sort. (Example: Phishers, botnets/RATs, DDoS tools, malware/trojans, or dumps)
11. Don't discuss competing forums.

General Etiquette:

1. Post in the correct category.
2. Use the best grammar you can, keep things professional.
3. Don't double post, edit your most recently post instead.
4. Don't cross post. This is when you post a similar thread in multiple categories of the forum.
5. Do not post leaked or copywrite content, make sure you give credit where it's due.
6. When posting content of another site, include the source of information at the bottom or beginning of the thread, unless it's a competing forum, in that case, retype the content in your own words or do not post it at all. (Example: Source:
7. Create relevant subjects for threads.
8. Be nice, act your age, and enjoy the community.
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