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When did you buy your first crypto?


New member
Crypto has been around for a while now but many people are still wary about getting into it and investing in it due to how risky it can be.

Some of us may have already bought crypto or may be investing in crypto currently. If you are someone who is into crypto or has been in the past, when did you buy your first crypto?
I started buying cryptocurrencies for the last 4 years. The first coin that I bought then was Solana, and it has done amazingly well in the past two years. I don't regret investing on the coin at all.
If I remember correctly, it should be around 20017/2018 that I started investing in cryptocurrency. Ever since then, I've been able to improve my portfolio to a very good standard which I'm not still slowing down when it comes to taking up opportunities that I see that is going to make it easy for me to earn more from investing more.