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Are you a Business Person


Staff member
Attitude matters. Do you think that an aptitude for business helps you better when it comes to monetising your projects?
Yes, I am a business person. An aptitude for business matters while monetising my projects. I need to develop strategies on how to reach target audience and customers, managing finances and cash flow effectively will pave a bigger way in expanding my business.
I am a graphic designer, data vendor, writer and typist. I can do all other businesses if I have the financial ability.
I earn from data and typing. Designing for me is like a side hustle, I am not putting all of my strength there. Writing is something I love doing when I am less busy, and I am still attending online classes to be better at it.
What kind of writing have you tried? Ever ventured into literature?
It was when I was growing up that I ventured into literature and I didn't publish any of my books then due to lack of financial support.

Currently, I'm writing on forums to help my writing skills come back to life again.
I didn't publish any of my books then due to lack of financial support.

Ever considered selling them as ebooks? If you remember any work or have them on paper, ebooks are a good way to monetise them. I can help you with the technical aspect if you wish.
I didn't know about ebooks then. I knew about that some years ago. The pain of all this is that I left the books at our former house before we relocated, I guess I wasn't informed well and I have no one that guide and direct me.
Don't worry, there is always a next time. If you ever need help converting your work to an ebook, now you know who to ask :)
I am going to start again to write, I know it won't be easy to start afresh. I will do my best, I am already encouraged by your words and I am looking forward for the next time.
Personally, I believe that when you have an positive aptitude for business, it makes you better all round when it comes to monetising your project. This is because every business person always strive harder to have more foot in profit maximisation while minimising cost.